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You handle the kitchen, we'll deal with the heat!

Reduce food waste through our food temperature monitoring technology designed to improve confidence in the safety of food through a process centered around traceability, accessibility and sustainability. 

There is no reason that good food should have to go to waste, and we need your help to achieve this reality!

Increase awareness and confidence in food safety to decrease waste. 

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Danger Zone

Between 135F and 41F microbial growth contaminates food at an exponentially higher rate. Within these temperatures food enters the "Danger Zone" and the risk of a foodborne illness significantly increases. 

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What's the Problem?

A lot of surplus food is wasted because people are concerned it has been improperly handled within the "Danger Zone." When in fact some of this food is safe but discarded due to a lack of data on its handling. 

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How can we Help?

Our technology offers a solution to track how long food has been left out and gives all stakeholders involved access to the information. This helps establish confidence in the safety of the food and allows for it to be safely and effictively utilized. 


Cooked food is meant to be eaten

Together we can help ensure that cooked food gets to the people that need it instead of ending up in the bottom of a trash can. In reducing this waste and utilizing this food that would normally be thrown out we can all contribute to growing a circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Help Create a Greener Work Environment

Food waste contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, so we all need to come together to better manage this problem. With our transparent process, your company can increase its awareness of food safety practices and help in the process of food recovery. In doing so, your company will join an important community focused on adopting greener business practices. 


Contribute to the Global Effort

The United Nations has set 17 sustainable development goals to guide worldwide efforts for a more sustainable society. We all have a role to play to meet these goals and we at Recotrak are doing are part to achieve:


United we can all help to contribute to the global effort working towards the establishment of a more sustainable international community.

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