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Easily Accessible Digital Database that Traces Food Temperature 


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Food waste can be a frustrating problem for many companies. Especially those that want to recover and donate surplus food, but are unsure of how to safely do so. In the current state of affairs, it is difficult to maintain confidence in the safety of excess food, and so more often than not, it ends up getting wasted. 


What we provide:

Recotrak has created the technology necessary to monitor the "internal temperature vs. time" of food. This information is easily accessible in real-time to the kitchen staff through a mobile device and to multiple stakeholders through the cloud. The key is having a transparent process that provides information to everyone involved to increase industry confidence. 

Who we provide it to:

Our goal at Recotrak is to make this technology available to companies across all sectors that struggle with food waste. We believe in making technology that is affordable and can thus be utilized by as many people as possible. 


Why we provide it: 

We have seen too much good food go to waste, contributing significantly to rising greenhouse gas levels. Furthermore, there are still those who suffer from hunger while good food is being thrown away. Recotrak hopes to make a positive impact on this global crisis and wants to help companies do the same. Additionally, businesses can benefit from federal tax incentives for donating food through tax deductions. 


1. Traceability

Follow the chain of custody with a simple process designed to improve confidence and accuracy in the safety of food on its way to being donated


2. Accesibility

Easily accessible information to companies, kitchen staff, and everyone involved in food recovery


3. Sustainability

Reduction in food waste will lead to a greener work environment and help reduce your company's carbon footprint

Recotrak wants to help your company make the right

choices when it comes to reducing food waste.


In doing so, your company will establish an environment conducive to the reduction of its carbon footprint. Furthermore, you will join a growing community dedicated to greener practices that foster the sprouting of a circular economy. Additionally, through waste reduction, the efficiency of the economy improves for everyone involved in it. But more importantly, joining our efforts makes a positive impact on achieving zero hunger. 

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2031 Commercial St. San Diego, CA 92113

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