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Passion, perseverance, and people have driven us to make an impact in the food service and hospitality industry


We believe in making difference

Our team is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people through redistributing

food, that would normally have gone to waste, to people that need it most.

In doing so, we hope to create a more sustainable, conscious society. 

Our Team


Rodrigo Gratianne


Rodrigo oversees the firm's business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

VictorReyes1 (2).jpg

Victor Reyes


Victor leads product management, design, and marketing functions globally. He is responsible for all of the core products and features. 


Our history

Rodrigo Gratianne has been involved in the foodservice and hospitality management sector for the past 12 years. His work has taken him across the world as he experienced the industry in various locations through the United States, Portugal, Mexico, and China. With all the different places he has been, one thing remains the same: too much food goes to waste. Recotrak formed from the desire to reduce food waste, help people in need and create a more sustainable society. 

To materialize this vision, Rodrigo teamed up with his cousin, Victor Reyes to found Recotrak. Victor has a background in sustainability and engineering focused on treating food waste, which is an integral part of Recotrak's goals. During his experience, he has developed an interest in reducing GHS emissions and waste. Together they bring expertise from different sides of the industry, necessary to maintain a sustainable, effective company. 

Strategic Partnerships



Join the Team

We want to make Recotrak a business that empowers people across the world through the

redistribution of food in an efficient, sustainable way. However, we can't do that without

your help! Anyone who uses our services is part of the Recotrak family united under the

common goal of helping one another and taking care of our home planet.

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2031 Commercial St. San Diego, CA 92113

+1 (619) 320-5727



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